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Third edition 08 t/m 12
nov 2017

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Today’s Watchlist!

Today is a special day because for the first time, InScience has the ‘Immersive Day’. Do you not feel like Virtual Reality? Then visit one of the Dutch premieres or learn how to hack!

Immersive Day

Today, for the first time, InScience has the ‘Immersive Day’. Throughout the day there is a Virtual Reality and Serious Gaming program in the LUX Synthon Room. Film is no longer the only visual medium that shows the impact of science. Games and Virtual Reality are becoming more and more important to introduce new ideas to the public. That’s why InScience shows the best, funniest, craziest and most innovative interactive projects of the past year. Meet unique games, installations and VR projects and try out the different demos! Are you curious and want to know more? Three pioneers in the field of Virtual Reality and Gaming tell you all about their inspiration and work experience in this exciting new field.

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How do you program emotions? In what way can robots be used and what does that mean for our future? Search during this time pressured hackathon for ways to program robots, in such a way that they solve problems. Do things yourself, learn to program and make the first steps towards an answer. Who is up for the challenge?
Location: Library de Mariënburg, free entrance.


The Young Karl Marx 

The Dutch premiere of the film about Karl Marx is today at InScience! It’s 1844 when 26-year-old Karl Marx meets Friedrich Engels in Paris. Engels provides the missing piece of the puzzle that composes Marx’s new vision of the world. Between censorship, police repression and political upheavals, they preside over the birth of the labour movement.

Christian van der Veeke, a political philosopher from Erasmus University College gives insights about Marx as a critical scientist.

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Robotsafari through Hollywood 

Science fiction films abound with robots. From the terrifying walking skeletons in the Terminator franchise to the adorable robot in Wall-E and the life-like human replicants in Blade Runner. There are even robots without bodies, like the treacherous HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey and the seductive Samantha from Her. In this lecture, New Scientist editor George van Hal, author of Robots, aliens and popcorn, will take you on a robot safari and show you how science fiction and science influence one another and inspire each other to reach ever-greater heights.

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