film festival

Third edition 08 t/m 12
nov 2017

Chiara- Lux 4 – Chasing Coral talk 2
_MG_8728 – Kevin ten Thij – Food Evolution

Festival day 2

Thursday, November 9th: the first day with a bunch of programs. You could of course not be everywhere, so you can read all about the highlights in this report. And there were quite a few!

Coffee & science

What’s better to start your day with than coffee? Coffee and science! Ink black, with a cloud of milk or with a touch of sugar. At Coffee & Science, young researchers will show you the science behind a cup of coffee in just three minutes. What can this everyday commodity tell us about quantum mechanics, bullying, plant species in the Caribbean, the art of Arab printing and plant creation? Today, while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, everyone could enjoy the many physical laws that play in and around one cup of coffee. Every day, Coffee & Science is available at 14:00 in the library. This program is free of charge. Read about Coffee & Science in the coming days:

Saturday 11 November

Sunday 12 November

The sense of beauty

At the film The Sense of Beauty Monica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN, was present and came flying from Geneva for this special occasion. This film was particularly beautiful and interesting. After the film, you’ll want to find out more about what’s happening at CERN. The audience was amazed at what artists did at CERN and about the collaboration between artists and scientists. According to Bello, collaboration was just perfect and in an interview and Q&A she gave an idea of what art and science are all about.

“Both artists and scientists ask questions about the world. The artists can make the science come to life, they help communicating the science to the general public.’’

Sunday 12 November

food evolution

After the film Food Evolution, about genetically modified food, the audience got the chance to get a further clarification from CRIPR-CAS expert Frans Wilms, from the HAN. He talked about improving plants and about where the fear of genetically modified food comes from. The debate about genetically modified food is stubborn, polarizing and is characterized by fear, distrust, and confusion. After the film and the talk, the audience could leave the room with a new look on genetically modified food. The movie is only seen once more this the weekend, so make sure you’re there.

Sunday 12 November

Photo © Almicheal Fraay, Kevin ten Thij & Chiara Thijssen