film festival

Third edition 08 t/m 12
nov 2017

_MG_1754©Kelley van Evert
Bombshell 2
The Testament

Today’s Watchlist!

Today we will also help you to choose the best programs. Unique experiments and European premieres, you don’t want to miss these:

Je beenspier in 3D

Today you can scan your own leg muscle in 3D! As part of its research on muscle diseases, Radboudumc is working on developing new ultrasound techniques to make 3D images of muscles. Want to know more? You can contribute to this study by having your leg scanned. You can even operate the scanner yourself like a real scientist!

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Bombshell: the Hedy Lamarr Story

Today is the European premiere of the film about Hedy Lamarr. The most beautiful woman in the world was also the secret inventor of secure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS communications, however, her arresting looks stood in the way of her being given the credit she deserved… until now. This film is a tribute to the many sides of the beautiful and genius Hedy Lamarr, and at InScience this film has its European premiere.

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The testament

In addition to Bombshell’s European premiere, there are numerous Dutch premiers. One of those is The Testament. Yoel, a meticulous historian leading an important debate against Holocaust deniers, discovers that his mother bears a false identity. A mystery about a man who is willing to risk everything to discover the truth.

After the film, Hester Dibbits, figurehead of the Levend Verleden (Living Past) heritage route from the National Research Agenda (NWA) and professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, explains how we deal with cultural and historical heritage.

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