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Third edition 08 t/m 12
nov 2017

20171107 Max Cooper – (c) Mark Ooms

Today’s watchlist!

InScience 2017 started, which means the coming days you will be able to visit more than 50 films, documentaries and lectures. We understand like no other how difficult it is to make a selection out of everything the festival offers and that is why we’ll lend a hand. Here’s a list containing two talks and two films that’ll be worth your while.

#1 Max Cooper – the science behind emergence

Yesterday, electronic music producer and scientist Max Cooper performed his multimedia show ‘Emergence’ in Doornroosje. Cooper is one of the most innovative electronic music producers of recent years.

Couldn’t you be there yesterday? No worries! Today, Cooper presents “The Science Behind Emergence” in a lecture at InScience. He talks about ‘Emergence’, the story of natural laws and processes, their inherent beauty and their performance in the universe. The story is told using a universal timeline, from pre-big bang to future, with each chapter a collaboration with a different visual artist, including collaborations with mathematicians and scientists. Each track is mixed with data visualisations, including waves, spatial dimensionality and the action of physical forces on matter. Get to know the artist who assembles science, art, and music.

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#2 rené ten bos, denker des vaderlands

How should scientists approach an audience of sceptics? This question is hard to answer because the facts change in complex times. As a result, it’s all but impossible for scientists to offer any guarantees or certainties. The facts are obscured by uncertainties, probabilities and doubts. How, as good scientists, do we deal with this and what does it say about our expertise? René ten Bos gives his view on these questions.

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#3 Black bear forest

Dafen, the heart of Yushan National Park in Taiwan, is also known as ‘the realm of bears’. It is a place abundant in wildlife and aboriginal culture. With the help of an indigenous hunter, a female ecologist searches for the Formosan Black Bear. Together with copious amounts of scientific research, the secrets of the Formosan Black Bear are revealed. Let this film take you through the Taiwan forests looking for the Formosan Black Bear. For every nature lover, this movie is immensely recommended.

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#4 The sense of beauty

Four years after the sensational discovery of the ‘Higgs boson’, the CERN research centre is about to undertake a remarkable new experiment. Ten thousand scientists from around the world will work together, using the largest machine ever built by human beings. The experiment is a journey through the remotest time and on the smallest scale that we can imagine. The Sense of Beauty explores the mysterious energy of the universe and brings science and art closer together. This film is not only a scientific highlight but also a visual trip to the smallest particles.

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