Coffee and Science
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Coffee & Science Zondag

Black. A touch of cream. A scoop of sugar. Coffee has become a true art form for some people.

Young researchers will show you the science behind a cup of coffee in just three minutes. What can this everyday commodity tell us about quantum mechanics, bullying, plant species in the Caribbean, the art of Arab printing and plant creation? After you find out, you can join the scientists for a coffee and a chat. Ask them anything you like, just make sure your coffee doesn’t get cold.

Physics and Caffeine
Charlotte Arene / Animation / 9 min / 2015
The film Physics and Caffeine is screened during each edition of Coffee & Science. Four physicists explain key concepts from the field of physics using a simple cup of coffee.

Today you can have coffee with:

Lieneke Janssen
Leipzig University and Max Planck Institute, Radboud Talks

How can mindfulness help us break bad habits.

Joyce Browne
UMC Utrecht, Faces of Science

How can we reduce the mortality rate caused by pregnancy-induced hypertension?

Marloes Mak
Radboud University, Radboud Talks

What makes a great story?

Dennis Lamers

Yeast: a new oil producer?

Laura Steenbergen
Leiden University, Famelab

What is the link between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract?

Location: Library de Mariƫnburg

This program is free of charge