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DIY-Lab | Je ziet niet wat je ziet

DIY labs are held daily in the MariĂ«nburgkapel, giving you the opportunity to participate in experiments and workshops. Slip on a lab coat, roll up your sleeves and get started as a bona fide researcher.

Your brain plays tricks on you all the time! This social game using VR technology developed by Radboud University will help you visualise how social you are. Students from the Food & Business programme at HAN University will conduct several short experiments to demonstrate how your brain influences your sense of taste. 

Social anxiety
Fear for social situations effects the way one approaches people. Using virtual reality, Radboud University psychologists show how people react to one another and show how social science works. People are challenged to formulate their own hypotheses and thoughts to conduct research. 

Eating with your brains
Students from the HAN Food&Business studies conduct short experiments to show how your brains influences your taste. Your expectations and prior knowledge are twisted and you can experience what it is like if your taste buds are temporarily switched off.


Kunstlab encourages you to research ethical questions around genetic modification.

This program is free of charge