Do It Yourself Labs
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DIY-Lab | Slimme machines

DIY labs are held daily in the MariĂ«nburgkapel, giving you the opportunity to participate in experiments and workshops. Slip on a lab coat, roll up your sleeves and get started as a bona fide researcher.

On Saturday, InScience will help you take the first cautious steps on the road to the future. Radboudumc will give you an inside look at the structures of the quadriceps and Lucas Haude will use the automatron to explain the principles of cellular anatomy. You can also get up close and personal with a real robot (from HAN).

Visualizing the upper leg muscle
Radboudumc researchers can make a reconstruction of the muscle in the upper leg. Having finished it, you can take a screenshot home.

Lucas Haudes’ Automatron visualizes complicated mathematical formulas in patterns. What influence does math have in reality? Visitors can use and produce the calculations themselves.

Robots in health-care
HAN robot Zora does not accord with peoples’ futuristic ideas about robotics and artificial intelligence. What do you think robots can do? And what part of it is true?
Besides that, Tessa, the robot in the shape of a vase, is made for people with dementia and you can make it speak via a computer.


What roles will people have in a society where artificial intelligence and robots are more common?

  • Futuristic Technology
This program is free of charge