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Humanoïde: mensachtige robots | Science Café Nijmegen

Humanoid | Humanlike robots

The short film ‘Erica: Man made’ demonstrates how androids challenge our
conception of what is human. With the iCub-android, Frank van der Velde
(UTwente) tests and investigates brain-inspired cognitive architectures.
In this Science Café he will show how we can build machines that think and
learn like us. Will future robots also be able to feel? Emilia Barakova
(TU/e & RIKEN BSI) explores how robots may acquire ‘emotions’ and social
skills, allowing them to relate well to their human environment.

Second part of a double Science Cafe. On November 6th human and artificial
intelligence are central.

This program has free entrance. The doors are open from 19:30. Between 19.30 and 20:00 there will be live-music. From 20:00 the talks and film will start.

  • Futuristic Technology
This program is free of charge