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Immersive Day

Film is no longer the only medium capable of visualising the impact of science. Games and virtual reality are becoming increasingly popular methods for introducing new ideas to the general public. That’s why InScience has decided to present the best, craziest and most innovative interactive projects in the past year. Discover unique games, installations and VR projects and give the demos a go! Want to know more? Three pioneers in the field of virtual reality and gaming will explain their inspiration and experience in this exciting new field.

And there is more to discover. View the following lectures about gaming and virtual reality: 360 degrees Around the World, Fear Goes Virtual & Moving Stories, Moving Games.

Discover the following games, VR projects and installations during the Immersive Day:

Ver Binnen (Jenny van den Broeke)

Everything (David O’Reilly)

4D Toys (Marc Ten Bosch)

Bi-Lingual VR (Max Planck Institute)

Non-Euclidian VR (eleVR)

Faraday’s Lab (ScienceVR)

  • Virtual Reality & Serious Games
This program is free of charge