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In the Brain, Out of Mind

We are breaking new ground in this third edition of InScience. Two programmes will give you a 360⁰ introduction to a new type of science film. Virtual reality allows you to explore areas that were once reserved for the most experienced scientists, step foot into a closed lab and take a close look at the brain and its cells. InScience allows you to share your VR experience with other visitors.

The brain is a mysterious thing. How do emotions work? How does Alzheimer’s work? How does the brain itself work? And what is it like to experience the emotions of science fiction author Philip K. Dick? Put on your VR glasses and find out!

The Blank Canvas – Hacking Nature
Boo Aguilar| VR | 4 min | 2017

Alzheimer’s Disease: Exploring the Brain
AP Digital Products | VR | 3 min | 2016

I, Philip
Pierre Zondrowicz | VR | 14 min | 2015

Aaron Bradbury | VR | 5 min | 2016 

  • Virtual Reality & Serious Games

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