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  • Director: Ludwig Berger
  • Year: 1937
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Genre: Live action fiction
  • Subtitles: English
  • Duration: 125 min

The universality of science in film will be revealed in these historic science films from the EYE Film Institute archives.

Pygmalion / Ludwig Berger / Fiction / 93 min / 1937

Dutch film version of G.B. Shaw’s celebrated play about a language professor’s attempts at turning a flowergirl into a lady. Linguist Henry Higgins has bet his friend colonel Pickering that his elocution exercises will eradicate the vulgar Amsterdam accent of flowergirl Elisa Doeluttel and turn her into a lady with impeccable enunciation. 

Pygmalion will be screened together with the short film Amour et Science (M. J. Roche, 1912) The romance of film, love and science. A mad inventor creates a video telephone, but his fiancĂ©e teaches him a lesson by appearing on screen with her ‘lover’. 

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